1) PinaColada Visual Pinball Cabinet project I'm working on...

Click here for the project log and related site.

2) Arcade Cabinet project I worked on with my brother...

See "Matt's Homestar Runner arcade machine project"

3) I also do some freelance work. Here's some other websites I've built on the side recently...


4) Back in the day i did some 3D animation and video work... wish I had time for it now.

Sushi Chef is a character test animation rig i bult. 2nd video is part of a 3d globe animation for a Tabor college video.

This is a news reel intro piece I did for a mate who works at Edge Church.

5) My cats Buzz and Julio (Wuggle)

You can see them on my mates cat journal page, photos of animals from the RSPCA.

6) My fishtank

Lights on...

Lights off (mood lights)...